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Learn: Pastoral Care

Learn: Pastoral Care

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Publisher: St Andrew Press
ISBN: 9780861539369
Number of Pages: 72
Published: 09/11/2018
Width: 23 cm
Height: 23 cm

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Learn: Pastoral Care is written for all ordained and lay pastoral ministers, youth and children's workers, community leaders, chaplains and volunteers working in all branches of health and residential care.

This latest volume in the Learn series is designed to provide you with an introductory resource and guidance on Christian pastoral care and to help you to reflect upon your care for others as well as yourself.

This publication is divided into four parts.

The first part explores what Christians mean by pastoral care and why we care from biblical, theological and missional perspectives.

The second part considers who could or should provide pastoral care, the opportunities for the Church to work in partnership with other professional organisations and where pastoral care should be offered.

The third part focuses on various ways that pastoral care could be offered, while looking at the significance of self-awareness when offering care to others and caring for the self.

Finally, the fourth part explores seven selected themes of pastoral care, each of which deals with two topics and suggests practical guidance.

Each part begins with a ‘My Story’, which shares a real-life experience of pastoral care, and closes with a prayer.

Selected themes include:

• Caring for children and young people
• Relationships and separation
• Loneliness and isolation
• Mental health struggles
• Dementia
• Caring for the terminally ill and their loved ones
• Bereavement

Attractively illustrated throughout and illuminated by real life human stories, this is an essential volume for all involved in working in this key area of ministry.

Hongsuk Um, Church of Scotland, .

Dr Hongsuk Um is Congregational Learning Development Worker for the Mission & Discipleship Council of the Church of Scotland.